The Cambridges were in Cardiff this weekend supporting the Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust. They met with foundation members and then attended the game against New Zealand. Will wore a red tie, Kate wore a red coat, and her hair straighter than we’ve seen it in a while. I like it better this way, without the curls at the end and the layers framing her face. Somehow it makes her seem younger.

The Princess’s pre-natal progress covered several weekly magazine covers for Thanksgiving as everyone seems to be in agreement that 2013 is the year. Can you imagine the Name Nerding that will result from it? Or maybe not? I imagine, given that Kate will be giving birth to a monarch, options are limited to Edward, George, William, James, Elizabeth, Mary, Victoria, and similar. I GUARANTEE you, Will and Kate’s child will NOT be called Jayden or Brittany or Tara.


In my dreams I want to see the Queen’s face in reaction to the suggestion of Jayden or Tara.