The Order of the Garter service happened yesterday in London where both Prince Charles and Prince William were in attendance. Princess Catherine was there to support her father-in-law and husband. Camilla couldn’t come because she’s sick.

She’s done this before, Katy Cambridge, but if it were me and Jacek, we would not be able to keep a straight face looking at all those feathers. It’s the highest order and most prestigious honour, I get it. And the Garter Club is super exclusive, totally. But sometimes tradition looks ridiculous. This would be a good example. Too bad Big G’s not around to yank that off his dad’s head. He would.

As the perfect, and perfectly trained, royal wife though, Kate knows her role, smiling affectionately at Will as he passed, and he at her. But would it kill her to do something different with her footwear? I would have gone with these.