Sh-t, Katy Cambridge has been BUSY this week. That’s FOUR public appearances... so far.

Today, despite the deep freeze all over England right now, she was at the Great Tower Scout Camp in Cumbria with other adult volunteers of the Scout Association learning some new scout skills. She made a fire. She roasted some dough. She knelt on the ground in the snow. She giggled. She wore a scout scarf and a knit cap. I am a little concerned that it’s green but, as it could, in a stretch, be called part of a uniform, we may be able to get away from the cuckold connotation (a Chinese thing) but anyway, I mean, um, erm, really, is fidelity really a Windsor attribute? Besides, as we know, Kate is much more pragmatic than Diana was.

But enough cynicism. Look how pretty she is, framed by snowflakes.