Keep sending your emails about how much detail you want/need. So far some of you are super superstitious, like me, and are urging caution in coverage. The other half of you are like - TELL ME EVERYTHING AND PUT A CAMERA UP IN THERE IF YOU CAN. The world press, as you can imagine, is trying. And is it true that some American networks have sent reporters out there to camp outside the hospital? I will totally volunteer to camp outside the hospital next year, when the heir is crowning. Um. Sorry. That time I couldn’t help it. Here’s how I put it to my friend and producer Laura yesterday -- if I was sent to Florida to camp outside the morgue for the Anna Nicole Smith situation (true story), I should totally be sent to camp outside the hospital for the arrival of the future monarch!

But we aren’t there yet, are we. We’re not even close.

Princess Catherine’s condition is pretty serious and I’m told it came on fast. According to one source I spoke to yesterday, it’s only 6 weeks. The concern is that in severe cases, Hyperemesis Gravidarum can lead to excessive weight loss and even muscular atrophy. The good news is that Kate was treated quickly and they’re obviously hoping she will respond quickly. But there’s also a chance it could be this way through her first trimester if not her entire pregnancy, as some women have experienced. Some UK outlets, naturally, are attributing all of this to a twin situation because the condition often accompanies multiple births. Right now there are no reliable sources who could possibly confirm this as Will and Kate kept this so tightly to themselves, up until yesterday, that the suggestion that anyone would know any more than the fact that she is pregnant and isn’t feeling well is ridiculous.

It’s very delicate right now. Are you as uncomfortable as I am? No jinx. Until she’s ok and safe then, no name talk, no gender talk -- even though, I KNOW, there’s so much to say.

Here’s Prince William visiting Kate today.