Princess Catherine's first baby ball

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 12, 2013 22:41:30 September 12, 2013 22:41:30

It's the Tusk Trust gala in London tonight. It's Katy Cambridge's first ball since the arrival of Prince George. We make big ass deals out of these things. And?

Jenny Packham.

Post-pregnancy then is no different from pre-pregnancy.

Not surprisingly, I hate this dress. Loathe. It's a dress for people with no style. It's a dress designed to NOT offend. How hard is this dress? You could have imagined this dress, no problem. Anyone could have imagined this dress, no problem.

You could say that Kate can't, in her position, afford to be too fashion forward. I don't disagree. But I'm not saying she has to be Tilda Swinton. She can live somewhere between where she is now and Tilda Swinton, can't she?

The reason she doesn't has nothing to do with her title. The reason she doesn't is because she's a Middleton. Bad style runs in her family. 

Danny E. Martindale /LEON NEAL / PETER NICHOLLS /Getty Images

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