Princess Catherine was out again tonight at the 100 Women In Hedge Funds Gala, her fourth event in two days. And another opportunity for us to bitch about this hair and those f-cking mom bangs that she’s growing out, resulting in that giant wing coming across her forehead. I really wish I could get in the heads of her hairstylists, hear their inner monologues whenever she tells them to disrespect their skill. No one who works in that business would want to sign their name next to the sh-t she does with her hair, seriously.

Kate is wearing Erdem and it looks like she picked the worst option he made in this print. That tier? It’s the tier that turns this pattern into a curtain. Without that tier, it’s a beautiful pattern. As my colleague Jess Allen noted, imagine this as pants? Yes. Of course. But this? This dress? Also of course it would be the one she would want.