William and his Catherine are in Scotland for a couple of days this week. Here they are at a sporting demonstration today at Emirates Arena in Glasgow. Kate seemed charmed by the little runners. Look at them, working so hard for the Prince and the Princess. Am I crazy or does the Princess’s hair seem a couple of inches shorter, even allowing for curl?

As I noted a few weeks ago on March 19, Katy Cambridge’s hem lines seem to be going up as her pregnancy progresses. This is the shortest we’ve seen. To show off her long, lean legs. And, more importantly I guess, to balance out the growing bump...? Please. I look pregnant before she looks pregnant. Some people, I’ve noticed, when they’re pregnant, they can’t wait for their bumps to pop and show them off in a lot of clingy jersey body con. Others are all about looking as unpregnant as possible when they’re pregnant. Is this the approved royal pregnancy style protocol?

Speaking of royal protocol, Will needs to work on his attitude. What is this? Are you bored? Where is your personality? Show some life!