Catherine of William was in Oxford today visiting The Art Room, one of her royal patronages. The Art Room helps kids with emotional and behavioural challenges through art therapy. Click here to learn more about the programme.

I like seeing Mrs Cambridge in booties. You know, as far as she’s concerned, given her position and all, it’s never going to be super exciting. Brown suede booties are about as entertained as we can expect to be, you know? What I do appreciate about her too is that they don’t appear to be brand new. You can see that these have been worn. There are grooves on the top panel. The suede, while properly treated, is not sparkling and fresh. This is why she was so ready. With Kate, no detail is too small.

Oh and they’ve finally revealed the name of their puppy. He’s called LUPO. The Palace says there’s no significance behind it. Sure there is. The Princess is Team Jacob.