Katy Cambridge was at East Anglia Children’s Hospice today to launch a fundraising campaign. She’s in red, seems well and healthy, and, now that I’m aware of it… never looks at a camera.

My friend Lorella brought this to my attention just yesterday. She lives in in London now and she’s been watching that 3 part BBC special Posh People: Inside Tatler which is what I’ll be doing tonight. It’s a documentary that follows the staff of Tatler as they follow the lives of the super UK elite, studying their manners, their expectations, how they judge, what they judge, and what’s considered proper behaviour by their standards.

Basically How To Be English, White, And Rich As F-ck.

Lorella tells me at one point they discuss Kate Middleton and what the Tatler editor describes as her “uncanny ability”. She is hardly ever photographed looking directly at a camera lens when she’s out in public. There are easily dozens, sometimes hundreds of people pointing directly at her and shooting all the time and somehow she avoids meeting that eye to eye. And it’s because she’s able to look below or above a camera line. Never directly at it and certainly almost never accidentally. Think about how much focus and concentration is required for that. Needless to say, there’s almost never any posing either. So… I guess… by posh standards, the posing and the direct camera-looking, that’s considered low classy. Just like…

Belly cupping.

Click here and here for more on Posh People: Inside Tatler. It should be group viewing.