Here’s a really funny – at least to me – photo featuring several members of the royal family of Monaco the other day at the Love Ball hosted by model Natalia Vodianova. Of note – Tatiana Santo Domingo, fiancée of Andrea Casiraghi; they welcomed a baby boy, Sacha, earlier this year. So Tatiana is being officially recognised. And if Charlene Serene doesn’t deliver, well, it could be Sacha ascending one day instead.

Also… check out Karl Lagerfeld.

Am I crazy because I love Princess Caroline’s dress…sorry?

As for Serenity in pink, well, at least she’s not crying. And you know what? Two years into her marriage, do you get the sense that Serenity seems to be slightly less morose these days?

Apropos of nothing, did you know that there’s a hunky blonde Australian former surf champion who now lives in Monaco at the invitation of the Princess to help work on her foundation? His name is Jamie Mitchell. They met at Reese Witherspoon’s (random, I know) in Hollywood. He taught her how to paddleboard. Now he’s in the castle in Monte Carlo as her ambassador for water safety. Click here to read more about their unlikely friendship. (Thanks Therese!)