It’s been a while since we caught up with Princess Charlene of Serene of Monaco. She and Prince Albert were in New York last night for the Princess Grace Awards Gala. This is such a lovely dress on her. Those green flowers are so pretty against the white fabric. And I like her hair a little spikey like that.

The Cambridges try to keep their children out of the public eye as much as possible. The Grimaldi twins step out a little more often than their British counterparts but it’s not like we see them every week. It’s more like every few months in between sightings. Mostly recently, in the summer, Gabrielle and Jacques were photographed, exclusively, at a garden party so low key I totally missed it and am only seeing these for the first now – click here - and then Jacques joined his parents in September for an official event without his sister.

Looks like he’s going for the same hairstyle as Sacha Casiraghi:

The British royal babies probably wouldn’t be allowed to grow their hair this long, would they? Big G has to keep his all neat and short and English proper.