It was confirmed last week that the Serene Princess Charlene of Monaco is pregnant with twins. We now know how she told her husband, Prince Albert.

When the princess went to the doctor for a routine sonogram, she first telephoned Albert to say, "We're going to have a baby!" his good friend, New York plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Turk, tells PEOPLE. "They called him out of a meeting, and he was very excited, but then had to go back to the meeting."

A few minutes later, there was a new development. "She had to call him back when they saw a second baby on the sonogram," says Turk. "He was busy in a meeting [and didn't know why she was calling] and reluctant to come out. But when he came out, she said, 'We're going to have two babies!' Two calls for two kids!" (Source)

Now you know why I wondered whether or not they had help conceiving last week – click here for a refresher. Albert is, obviously, such a caring, considerate husband, who wouldn’t want to go to bed with him…

“Reluctant to come out”?

She just called him to say she was pregnant. If she’s calling back, you TAKE THE F-CKING CALL. With concern. And eagerness.

RELUCTANCE is not the adjective anyone should be expecting here. Or tolerating, for that matter.

But that’s Albert, non? He’s the guy who, when she was weeping at the altar, looked at her with a mixture of disdain, before turning his head and laughing like a dick over his shoulder at someone off-camera.