Last week, Prison Bride Serenity Charlene was let out on official royal duty to visit a small town in Monaco without Prince Albert. Click here if you missed it.

This weekend, amazingly, she was permitted to travel to Paris for Fashion Week where she sat front row at Albert Kriemler for Akris yesterday looking about as animated and as relaxed as we’ve seen her in a long, long time. She did not sprint for the doors and disappear into the Metro. But that would be awesome if the prison bride turned into Jason Bourne, non?

Maybe they’ve decided that it’s embarrassing for everyone to keep her on lockdown all the time. Or maybe she’s letting him into her bedroom once a week. I want you to imagine this, seriously. Because it will come up again later. And this is not for jokes. Please watch the video below and...

Picture Him On Top Of You.

Again, I will come back to this later. And you need to be able to call this up, call him up on top of you in reference to someone else.