Holding hands with Princess Serenity

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 1, 2012 16:05:30 October 1, 2012 16:05:30

Her Royal Serenity Charlene attended a gala in Monaco Saturday by Prince Albert’s side. She looked lovely, and not even that sad. Maybe it was because she knew she’d be allowed out of the castle the next day. It’s easier to swallow it back when you know there’s relief on the way.

Here’s Charlene in Paris for fashion week yesterday at the Akris show. Check it - she was escorted into the presentation by Peter Kriemler, CEO of the label. And they were holding hands. Innocently, I’m sure, but I wonder about the optics here. Like, would Kate Middleton allow herself to be photographed holding hands with anyone other than Prince William? And even then, she and Will don’t hold hands at public appearances. Kate is too aware, too self-conscious; there is no way this photo would have happened if it were Kate. Charlene on the other hand...

I mean you could say she’s seemed foggy and disoriented since her wedding day. Or if you enjoy that kind of conspiracy, maybe she’s acting out on purpose, although I don’t know how that will help her. By the time she gets home, they might take away her exit privileges until further notice.

Splash, WENN

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