Princess Serenity of her Monaco Glory is on holiday in Italy with friends. I don’t see him, do you? Of course not. She’s relaxed. She’s totally at ease. She’s been awarded for her good behaviour with a relatively unmonitored trip. What good behaviour? Well, Charlene recently gave an interview during which she insisted – the most strongly she’s ever insisted – that her tears at her wedding were not tears of sorrow and regret. Rather, she was just tense and nervous and it was overwhelming. Was it like that when she used to compete? Some athletes have major, major performance anxiety. OK, Serenity. This totally looks like performance anxiety:

It’s been a while since I’ve posted that. God it never, ever gets old.

Anyway, Sardinia looks super fun and I’d want to go there too, on my own, without, you know, him so whatever you have to do, Charlene, whatever you have to say.