Princess Serenity’s first National Day

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 17, 2011 15:35:35 November 17, 2011 15:35:35

Monaco National Day is on Saturday. It will be the first for Charlene as the principalityΓÇÖs Serene Highness. She was there last year but they werenΓÇÖt married yet, obviously.

(I donΓÇÖt mean to be mean Stephanie, Jesus, she looks frighteningly bad.)

Anyway, the Royal Family, leading up to the holiday, is attending various charity events to celebrate and to give back to the people. Prince Albert, Charlene, and Stephanie today spent time handing out parcels at the Red Cross and meeting with staff and volunteers.

As you can see, Charlene still doesnΓÇÖt have much colour in her face. Morning sickness? Well, if thatΓÇÖs the  case, she would have been morning sick since her wedding because I donΓÇÖt remember her ever having colour in her face.

Speaking of her wedding though...

And no, today IΓÇÖll spare you the video...

My friend Lo emailed me about it a couple of weeks ago - have you ever seen the photos in Vogue that were taken while Serenity was getting ready behind the scenes that day? Dude, she looks like she could barely stand. Like, sheΓÇÖs about to pass out. And is completely numb to whatever it is thatΓÇÖs going on around her.

So...does that mean she only came to when those people started singing and she realised what had happened?

What? You donΓÇÖt remember?

OK fine, letΓÇÖs play the video again. It never gets old for me. Click here to see those Vogue shots.


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