If England’s royal family is known for its precision and control, how do we explain Monaco’s?

You would think that for all their resources, and given their history of scandal, they would have better prepared for this. Practised for it. Coached her through it. Or... not agreed to it! In these situations, and particularly for them, press is only good if it’s good press. This... is not good press.

Prince Albert and Charlene of Serenity were interviewed by CBS News. It’s a spectacular disaster. First of all, from the opening moments when he’s asked to speak, Albert is a bumbling buffoon. And it’s awesome. The way he speaks is so ridiculously, absurdly up-assy, there are times when I think he might actually be doing a caricature of himself, the way Will Ferrell would play him.

The discussion is interrupted more than once when Charlene can’t find an answer. Which again...

How did this happen? How did they allow her to go into a room with a camera and a journalist and not give her some prepared notes?

Why are the Grimaldis SO inept?

As you can see, when Charlene isn’t struggling to pretend to be happy, she appears to be trying not to cry. That misery is made even more evident when they show footage of her by the pool, mentoring athletes, being flirty-ish with a young swimmer from her country. Juxtapose that comfort with the general disgust for her husband that evaporates  from every inch of her long body during that interview and, well, I don’t see how anyone will be convinced that anything has changed since last year when she was weeping at the altar.

You know who she needs then?

OMG she needs Katie Holmes. Robo Bride must rescue Prison Bride.

Attached - Prince Albert and Princess Charlene at the IOC event yesterday in London.