Remember when Charlene of Serenity had to kiss Prince Albert on the balcony of the palace right after their civil ceremony and she looked like she wanted to end her life?

Here, let me attach a photo to remind you, just in case that memory isn’t strong enough in your mind.

Well she was back on the balcony this weekend for Monaco National Day celebrations and this time she managed to control her nausea. Very well, in fact. Her Serene Highness actually smiled. Apparently she’s getting better and better at not heaving at the sight of that buffoon, especially when he’s wearing his  official blue pants which... the man is a proper ROYAL PERSON, so how hard can it be to find a pair of pants that don’t make him look like a giant asshole???

How do we feel about Charlene in head to toe what looks like brown velvet that night at the gala concert?  It’s certainly cosy. And thick material too. Maybe so that she doesn’t have to feel the heat from his fingers pressing against her back when they’re walking. Or, worse, on her thigh during dinner. I actually just felt the disgust there. And all I had to do was write the sentence. Can you imagine if you’re her, living that in flesh and blood? With the all the expectation of having his child and the child making activities that, obviously, come with that responsibility?

If not, it’s up to Caroline and then her son Andrea Casiraghi (next in line the Monaco throne until Charlene produces an heir), pictured here with his mother and siblings and aunt Princess Stephanie, like, oh my God, I’m sorry to keep mentioning this but she’s had it rough and IT SHOWS.

PS. Goddamn Andrea Casiraghi is hot.