Prince Albert and Prison Bride Charlene Serenity welcomed Croatian President Ivo Josipovic to Monaco yesterday. It was a state visit. And the First Lady would have been required to be there even though she probably preferred hanging out in Paris where she was earlier this week and where she appeared much livelier - click here if you missed those photos.

Yesterday it was the usual subdued Charlene in green which is actually a good colour for her if only she didn’t look so pale, like she’s about to be sick. At one point Charlene was made to hold Albert’s hand. Could that be the reason? Or, miracle!, could she be pregnant so ...efficiently? If that’s the case, I am thrilled for her. Carry the heir, birth the heir, get a divorce. Unless of course they make her stay for a spare. That’s at least a 3 year total.

Also they should hire her a hairstylist. If even frugal Catherine of William can afford to cart around her hairstylist, you’d think the they’d be able to find one in opulent Monte Carlo for their Princess  Evanescence, non?