Well this is new.

Prince Albert was spotted at two consecutive official events the last few weeks without the Supreme Serenity High Princess Charlene at his side prompting many to wonder whether or not she was negotiating her escape.

Yesterday however Charlene emerged alone on official royal duty - she attended the traditional mass of the Feast of Saint Michael in a small town called Turbie in the hills of Monaco. Then she visited with local children at a reception in her honour. So she hasn’t bailed, no. But the fact that they’re moving around independently of each other - perhaps this is the deal: separate lives. As in please stay out of my bed you sick f-ck and we can do it with the help of tubes, doctors, and petri dishes.

But even if that pig isn’t climbing on top of her every night, she still looks so sad. It’s still the same face from that day. And I still can’t believe this happened. I have watched this video it must be at least a dozen times and I still can’t believe that went down. This is for Laura because she can’t help herself every time.