It’s now been 6 months since the beginning of Charlene Wittstock’s Serene Imprisonment to the Monarch of Monaco. Last week she joined the Grimaldis at the opening ceremony of the Monte Carlo 36th International Circus Festival.

Charlene had difficulties adjusting to her new role. She seemed to lack energy and enthusiasm for her official duties. In particular, her performance on Wedding Day was found to be wanting. It has been impressed upon Charlene the importance of taking care with one’s emotions, as the people will look to her for confidence and inspiration.

Charlene has since shown steady improvement. She plays well with others, and has learned to tolerate the Prince, and has made an effort to appear more engaged in her duties. Charlene responds well to rewards, and when she is permitted to travel outside the Principality on short trips, she returns with renewed commitment.

Charlene recently celebrated her first holiday season as a member of the Royal Family. While there was a minor episode on Christmas Eve involving a locked door and a window breach, she recovered well after a visit from the physician and the glassy gaze that has become her signature expression was quickly restored, well in time for the New Year.

On Wednesday, Charlene will mark her first birthday as the Serene Highness of Monaco. She expressed a desire to return to her home country for the occasion. We were encouraged when our denial was met with only resignation and acceptance and no hysteria.  

Looking ahead, as Charlene moves towards her first anniversary in her position, we expect continued progress and see no reason why any further escapes will occur. She is aware however of her responsibility to perpetuating the family legacy, and dutifully submits to her obligation twice a week. We hope the fruits of her diligence will reveal themselves soon.