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Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 30, 2013 14:09:44 July 30, 2013 14:09:44

Princess Diana covers the September issue of Vanity Fair. It’s the timing – because of Georgie Cambridge’s arrival, “The Grandmother Prince George Never Knew”, and also that upcoming biopic, with Naomi Watts playing Diana, about her secret love affair with Dr Hasnat Khan. Apparently she desperately wanted to marry him and was only dating Dodi Al Fayed to make him jealous. Click here to read a preview for the piece. It seems well-researched. Jemima Khan even goes on record with the magazine about the relationship. And, of course, on August 31, when Vanity Fair will be widely available on newsstands, it will be 16 years since Diana died. She is as fascinating as ever. More fascinating, obviously, than Gwyneth Paltrow…

Remember, my G declined to participate in a Vanity Fair profile for the September issue. Click here for a refresher. Word is, it was “off-brand” for her. Ordinarily a star at G’s level is a cover girl. But since she refused to be interviewed, and told all her friends to do the same, maybe they buried the article inside, behind the draw of Diana. Or…would they have killed it altogether? If so, it wouldn’t have been for a lack of balls (after all, the same issue last year was the Tom Cruise-Scientology slam-piece) but for a lack of… interest…? As in boring. Let me know about whether or not G made it in if you’re a subscriber!

In other G news, GOOP has collaborated with Warby Parker for a line of special editions sunglasses priced rather affordably at $95. Please. Our friend Dan Levy did it first …and his are better! Click here to see. As previously mentioned, I prefer the Whitehall but most people are really into the Cluny.

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