Princess Kate was in King’s Lynn, England today to celebrate 100 years of the Cubs at the Scout and Guide Hut. She looks so good when she’s dressed casually. The more formal she goes, the more obvious her taste flaws, in the hair choices, the shoe choices, and the makeup choices too.

Anyway, enough about just Kate. Let’s talk about Kate in relation to Meghan Markle, who’s currently in London with Prince Harry. Meghan has met and hung out with Princess Eugenie. She met Prince Charles at Harry’s birthday party at Balmoral. And Prince William around the time the news broke that she and Harry are together. She’s yet to meet Kate. King’s Lynn, according to Google, is about 12 miles from Anmer Hall, where Kate spends much of her time with Big G and Charlotte. Which probably means Kate’s not staying at Kensington Palace this week. Which may mean, yet again, that Kate and Meghan won’t have the opportunity to officially meet. Which… how many times does “scheduling not work out” for it to be more than just scheduling?