Dear Gossips,

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling live in Los Angeles. They now have two children. And we barely knew she was pregnant, both times. In LOS ANGELES. Their first daughter is almost two years old. I have no idea what she looks like. Does that prove that you can be pregnant, and parent, in private in Hollywood? More on Eva and Ryan later.

I’m obsessed with something else today: the snapping shrimp! Radiolab’s latest podcast was posted yesterday. Their last episode, by the way, was called On The Edge, about former figure skater Surya Bonaly, which was so good I drove home with heart palpitations. The new episode is about, literally, the superhero of crustaceans, the snapping shrimp. The snapping shrimp is born with a claw that, basically, functions as an organic gun, shooting its enemies in the ocean with the power of the sun. FOR REAL. And now, inspired by the snapping shrimp’s marvelous natural ability, medical science is trying to imitate its crazy ass shrimp science to treat… brain tumours!?!


This is freaking me out like bees and their perfect honeycombs. If, like me, you’re into this kind of sh-t, click here to listen or subscribe to Radiolab on iTunes.

Yours in gossip,