Hollywood is still weird about breasts. Or formal dressing is weird about breasts.


There’s something going on where people who are skilled and fabulous designers are somehow unwilling to acknowledge that breasts are not merely ideas, but actual parts of a body which have physical properties, and which need to be accounted for. They take up physical space, but acknowledging this is anathema to so many.

We HATE accounting for breasts. Why….do we do this? Dresses this year were either of the ‘single panel of fabric magically falls in front of the breast never revealing anything, which means masses of painful double-sided tape’, or of the more traditional, “hoist em up, squeeze em out”. I am a fan of cleavage as much as the next girl, but why does it have to be made by actively making something that doesn’t fit?

All this to say that I was pleasantly surprised by Priyanka Chopra’s dress overall. I heard etalk’s Danielle Graham say it was probably Zuhair Murad moments before it was confirmed that it was, and I was surprised that it had an overall classy feel to it. I think she looked great in it and obviously was very comfortable, since she was joking and laughing all over the red carpet.

But I could go for an improvement on the breast.