I’m sorry to say… I watch Canadian television much less than I should. Our budgets are smaller, there are certain limitations, and we keep losing talent to America.

Having said that, when a Canadian production does it right, the results are more than right. The results are outstanding. And not just because Project Runway is a great franchise to begin with.

The Canadian palette is tricky – what translates in America doesn’t always work north of the border. But this time, this show adapted for the Canadian sensibility totally hits the mark.

But of course it did.

Lara worked on it. Lara produced at eTalk – one of my favourites, one of the best. She left for Project Runway. And although I debated over mentioning this fact for fear you’d see it as some friend-nepotistic plug, the very presence and participation of the incomparable Iman makes that irrelevant.

Iman is a pioneer. Iman is married to David Bowie. David f&cking Bowie. She can do whatever she wants. And she wanted to do Project Runway Canada.

I’ve watched the first episode, am now jonesing for more. As is the case with reality tv, the characters are critical. And the selections do not disappoint. All extremely talented would-be designers, some more flamboyant than others…including a tinkerbell Asian gay who pouts like nobody’s business and looks 15 even though he’s pushing 40. Love, love, love.

And the judges are killer. Among them the editor of Elle Magazine Canada who described a designer’s creation as something that came out of the “mall”. I screamed – yes, yes, yes!

Finally… Iman. Iman is regal, she is a Queen, she speaks like a Queen, she expects to be treated like a Queen.

But Iman the Queen can be mean. MEAN! Never wrong but never gentle either. She is fierce. And such a bitch when she wants to be. Bitches are the best. Iman is the best.

Project Runway Canada premieres on Slice on October 8th. Canada you will be proud.