Puffy is launching a new fragrance called 3 AM. Why 3 AM? Because, for him, the best sex is always happening at 3 AM. And, just to make sure you understand that, he’s showing you. Check him out with girlfriend Cassie in the 3 AM promo ad – getting mad at each other, chasing each other, and then, we’re supposed to believe, after all that foreplay, f-cking each other until the sun comes up.

So, basically, Puffy’s playing Christian Grey and Cassie’s Anastasia Steele. Which… actually… isn’t that far off in comparison. Puff travels by helicopter all the time. And, really, what do you know about Cassie?

Maybe Puff can bring more heat than Jamie Dornan did in Fifty Shades Of Grey?


In fact, I don’t believe his thrusting. That’s what we’re doing here, isn’t it? We are judging his thrust motion. And whether or not we could possibly get off on it. I didn’t get off on Jamie Dornan’s (and neither did he – one of the problems with the movie) but at least Puffy’s giving us a little come face. Like a preview come face. Diddy wins by pre-come face?