It’s Avril Lavigne, punk ass little bitch in perpetuity, on set of a photo shoot yesterday appealing to 14 year olds.

Avril is now 24. And this is her curse. She has not evolved with her fan base. Even Britney has evolved with her fan base. Or vice versa. Britney’s fan base aged with her, they followed her.

But Avril?

Avril fans grow out of Avril. So she constantly has to re-mine from a new crop of tweens. They’re the only ones unseasoned enough to buy her sh-t.

And this is why you should feel sorry for Avril. Feeling sorry for Avril is the worst thing you can do to Avril. And Avril deserves your sympathy, your pity, because one year, or less, is the maximum amount of time a teen will be her fan. That’s even less than Miley Cyrus. Or the Jonas Brothers.

Oh yeah, and she’s friends with Ebola Hilton.

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