A better show than last year, especially since Diddy’s Miami hosting skills were ass at best. But still…too bloody long!!! A few quick observations: - would the PussyCat Dolls please.shut.the.f&ck.up??? I mean really… we’re talkin’ about a girl *band* with 6 members, sometimes 5, depending on the dance formation. I think 10 seconds is more than enough stage time, thank you very much. - did you see JT in the audience? I didn’t. Did his Cammie-no-more-hermie make him stay in the green room with her to avoid all the screaming girls? Will dig. Promise to keep you posted. - LOVE the killers but why did they all look like child molesters? Brandon in particular? - Anybody else want to have hot wild sex with Johnny Knoxville? Yum. Quiver. Yes. Please. Or… Maybe it’s just me. In regards to fashion though, because it’s the VMAs, you do expect and even want some artistic licence. What’s music without pushing the envelope? Having said that – almost EVERYONE f*cked up tonight. In fact, I can’t remember another awards show where the suckage so overpowered the quality. Translation? Fantastic news for us. So without further ado – it’s time to debate… Oh…and what the F&CK was up with Kelis’s hair???