At Buckingham Palace with the Queen yesterday.

I almost died seeing this first photo. Can you imagine what the Queen must have thought of this outfit? Who is this person? I need to meet her.

Oh here we go. Emails from the indignant – who is this foul beast and HOW DARE SHE soil the Monarch’s eyes with such a disgrace of an appearance?????????????????????

OMG. How can you not appreciate the amazingness of a moment like this? LOOK AT HER!

Also, re: the Queen wearing yellow...

I’ve been all over this with a magnifying glass. No one else, that I can see, is wearing yellow. Is there, like, a note that goes on the invitation? Or do people just KNOW not to wear yellow? I mean, I wouldn’t wear yellow. But you know who would? My mother the Chinese Squawking Chicken. If she were invited to a garden party with the Queen, she would wear yellow and there’s nothing I would be able to do to stop her.

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