The Queen was visited with her people in Lake Windermere in Cumbria today in a bright green outfit. While she was on her walkabout, she was asked by a precocious young lady about Kate’s baby, whether or not she preferred a boy or a girl.

The Queen answered right away. Like, she didn’t miss a beat. And I love the tone of her voice too. It’s really, really cute. She sounds like she’s over it. And at the same time, she sounds like she’s playing that she’s over it. Listen:



Kate will apparently be a week late tomorrow. There’s a little Mimi Carey in Baby Wales, see?

Oh, and you know what else the Queen did today?

She put her royal blessing on the bill to legalise gay marriage in Britain. Just a formality, obviously, but still. The Queen is officially down. Now the real question is – what will be the Queen’s first same sex wedding?