The Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations continued this weekend with a big display of family togetherness on the royal balcony at the end of the Trooping The Colour procession. As always, the placements are key which is why Big G shoved his way to the front, making sure he had the best view. He owns this view. One day he will stand there, on his birthday, and tell everyone that they belong to him. At one point in these pictures it looks like he wants to climb over the railing, or spit on the crowd. Check out Her Majesty glancing over to check on him, resigned to the fact that this kid is here to steal all the thunder.

For Big G’s little sister, Charlotte, it was her first time at Trooping The Colour. And the public flipped out over the combination of the two babies together. Charlotte’s not quite the performer her brother is yet. As we’ve seen, Big G knows a moment and will work a camera like he’s reality show spawn. This child knows his angles. Charlotte appears to still be figuring hers out.

Let’s move away from talking about the little ones though because a reader called Lauren sent over this, and it’s now my favourite photo from the event, even though it features no royal children:

Should we play Photo Assumption, our favourite game of baseless conclusions? For years there’s been speculation that the York princesses and Kate aren’t the tightest. That might have to do with the fact that Prince Charles and Prince Andrew don’t agree on how much money Andrew should be allowed to spend on his household and all kinds of behind-the-scenes grownup dealings that may have filtered down to the cousins. Or it could just be chemistry. To Beatrice and Eugenie, Kate is probably frightfully boring. And to Kate, the Beatrice and Eugenie lifestyle is probably too lavish and irresponsible. The result? Pursed lips and awkwardness?