The Queen kicked off her Diamond Jubilee Tour today. She was accompanied by her granddaughter-in-law Catherine, not even one year a royal. It’s a great show of confidence from Her Majesty - that Kate is not only acknowledged but even preferred. Obviously the Queen has been paying attention. Not that this is a surprise, of course not. But I am so curious about the kind of information provided in her reports, and when and how they are delivered.

For example - do you think she worried about how Harry would do on his own in the Islands? Has she been briefed every morning on Hot Harry’s wildly successful visit to Belize, the Bahamas, and Jamaica? Do you think they’ve shown her the video of him swirling his pelvis to a Bob Marley beat? Or have they skipped the specifics and simply told her:

Harry’s doing a smashing job, your Grace!

As everyone looks on in mild astonishment…

It is of course not astonishing at all that Catherine Cambridge held her own today. She was immaculately and appropriately attired, she was deferential but also poised, and, again, she seemed very comfortable alongside the monarch, as though it was her rightful place. And it will be. One day. Before that happens, I do wish they’d show her a different makeup option. She’s doing herself a lot older than she could be.