Is it weird that in the Palace’s statement confirming Princess Catherine’s pregnancy today, they named the hospital where she’s staying? As you can imagine, the paps are camping out there and likely won’t move until she’s discharged.

Kate was apparently at her parent’s this weekend when her condition worsened. Prince William reportedly drove her to hospital. As I wrote earlier about this being an unplanned announcement - click here for a refresher - UK sources confirm that the Queen and the royal family were only told today when they realised she needed to be hospitalised. So it is indeed very, very early and they made the decision to get ahead of the story so they can control it as much as they can.

It’s been 30 years since England has been on straight up Heir Alert, and, obviously, the first time since the internet was invented. If I were the Dean of the Faculty of Celebrity Studies, we’d be covering the coverage: how the Twitter Generation welcomed a new monarch.

Here’s a worried Will leaving this evening after the spending the day at Kate’s beside.