I quit on Friday March 9th, it’s been over a week…totally cold turkey. And not exactly intentional. Just that I got sick the next day, and with visions of an early death dancing in my head, lying in bed, feverish and achy for the better part of a week, it seemed like a good time to give up my beloved ciggies. But I do miss them. Especially since I never said goodbye properly – not knowing that my last cigarette would be my last cigarette, I don’t think I sucked that sh-t back properly with the fervour and the sickness it deserved. And now it’s too late. Which is probably why I’m obsessed with watching other people smoke. Like Katherine Heigl. See Katie smoking and chatting on her cell the other day. I used to do that too. Sigh. Am grumpy but resolute, have substituted Oreo cookies and Cheetos for ciggies. Better to be chunk and alive than thin and dead? So they say. Source