Am not ashamed to say I loved She’s All That. Totally just a teen movie and still… somehow subversively funny. And of course there’s Rachael Leigh Cook – remember she played “Joey” in the film adaptation of Dawson’s Creek…ON Dawson’s Creek? Sigh. Memories.

After Laney Boggs, Rachael was tapped as one to watch. Perhaps it was association with Tara Reid’s ghetto skank in Josie and the Pussycats that tempered the hype but it’s been a few years and Rachael’s career is now on a decidedly different direction, no longer aiming for the MTV fanbase.

She’s worked steadily, will appear in several independent films, reportedly even a project with the incomparable William H Macy, and is educating young girls about self esteem, breaking down Hollywood illusions, not afraid to expose even parts of her own past to illustrate the dangers of fame and celebrity.

Dove approached her to host a series of workshops and Rachael enthusiastically accepted. She kicked off Dove’s Global Workshop Day (official start is February 29th) on Monday in Vancouver, speaking to a group of Grade 8 girls at York House (photo attached), encouraging healthy self image exercises and focusing on more than just appearances.

Interestingly enough, she showed the kids an photograph of herself – check it out: the real Rachael is on the left, the photoshopped Rachael is on the right. As you can see, her abs lookED great. Then they brushed out the definition leaving… nothing.

Word is she was super sweet and super sincere. How refreshing.

To find out more about the Dove Campaign and to get girls involved in your community, click here.