Amazing what a likeable girl will do for a not-so-likeable boy.

Rachel Bilson met Hayden Christensen on the set of Jumper – their new movie due out next month for which they’ve been exploiting their relationship for months. But so do the Pitts, right? And the Pitts also leverage their love for philanthrophy. Now Rachel and Hayden are doing the same.

It’s an adorable PSA for urging teens and young adults to donate their denim. Two outtake reels are also included and the chemistry between them is palpable. He clearly adores her, and she can’t stop giggling. And it’s very, very high school. And sometimes I miss those butterflies.

Click here for the clips. They are a great looking couple, non? She makes him much, much more interesting.

To view the Jumper trailer click here. The sex scene looks promising. And I do love Jamie Bell.

PS. Again...Hayden is NOT gay. Trust.