That they're back together. An article appeared on citing a "friend" of Rachel Bilson's who told the magazine that she and Hayden Christensen, having broken off their engagement a few months ago, have reunited.

It was considerate of her/them, non?

Last week Christensen was photographed leaving Bilson's house by a lone pap. The photos are exclusive to one agency. So the lucky dude just happened to be sitting there, casing the joint, and snapped those shots. Coincidence or conspiracy? Too easy!

Bilson is currently shooting a movie with Kate Bosworth. It's an independent film, one I'm sure you can't wait to see, called My BFF's Baby. Pictures are coming off that set every day. And now her ex-fiance is back in her life. What, exactly, does that leverage? And how does she know that Bosworth or Biel won’t take that away from her...if, frankly, there’s anything to be taken as it applies to the three of them, which, in itself, is a rather unlikely prospect.

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