Rachel Bilson is what you call filler content on a blog between articles. Like, you’re in that dead zone between morning and afternoon when the photo agencies are loading up new content and you don’t want to go front heavy, particularly today as I’m trying to pace out my posts for when I fly in a few hours and oh look, there’s a Rachel Bilson story…

I’d never lead with Rachel Bilson because, obviously. And I’d never end with Rachel Bilson because I want you to come back. So I stick Rachel Bilson in between two strong-ish articles almost like a palate cleanser.

That’s what she’s good for: filling and palate cleansing.

Explain to me then why someone thought she could front her own show?

No matter.

That’s not the point of this post.

The point of this post is that she may or may not have broken up again with Hayden Christensen. Us Weekly cites a source who says they’re done because Rachel’s “really had it”. Celebuzz spoke to Rachel’s rep however who insists that the two are still dating.


Do you trust Us Weekly, or do you trust Rachel Bilson’s publicist???

This is Hayden arriving in Toronto yesterday looking like the swelling has gone down some in his face, and Rachel the other day leaving LA for North Carolina where she’ll be shooting the pilot for Heart of Dixie.

Photos from Ape/Todd G/S Fernandez/Splashnewsonline.com