After their hook up on the set of Factory Girl, Harvey Weinstein tried to capitalise on the brief fling between Hayden Christensen and Sienna Miller. Unfortunately, their attraction quickly turned into animosity and given that Hayden allegedly refused to cooperate, he quickly went from being Harvey’s goldenboy to sitting in his sh*thouse.

More believable now is his romance with his Jumper cast mate Rachel Bilson. They are legitimately a couple. Professionally however they both have much riding on this movie. And so why not? Why not sell their love, just a little, to ensure the film’s success? Especially since she is so irresistibly cute. And they really do look so damn good together, non? She makes him likable. Boy should hang on to that…

So here they are in Rome promoting their project, posing for photogs, and enjoying a little dinner. Total gorgessity. He is beautiful with short hair. She, as always, is adorable. I buy what they’re selling.

PS. A large, overwhelming majority of Rachel/Hayden “candids” come from the same agency… coincidence or conspiracy???

source TFS