I love Rachel Bilson - just as cute in person as she is in photos… polite and shy with no airs or attitude, quite unlike Zach Braff whose people, at the TIFF after party for The Last Kiss, were like "No…we"re done talking" when approached for a media interview to PROMOTE HIS OWN MOVIE!!! Anyway, here"s Rachel shopping the other day, without a trace of makeup, as gorgeous as ever, as stylin" as ever, and no, as far as I"ve been told from sources close to Adam Brody, they are not on the rocks, and they are definitely not on the rocks because of Zach Braff, as reported in Star Magazine. Like I said, and you know I was a hawkeye smuthound that night, there was absolutely nothing going on there in Toronto. Not that you would expect them to dry hump each other on a banquette but seriously, it wasn"t overfriendly, it wasn"t unfriendly, they were just colleagues, two actors in a movie together, they didn"t seek each other out, nor did they go out of their way to avoid each other, in other words… a total non story and according to the photo agencies from these shots, Adam was waiting for her in the car while she browsed at Marc Jacobs so at least for now, until the next fabricated fight, I think it"s safe to say they"re still ON. Photo source