Overshadowed for much too long by Mischa Barton and yet I’m thrilled she waited so patiently to make the jump. Because The Last Kiss is showing a LOT of promise and if all goes well, Rachel could transition from the small to the big screen with a lot more success than…say…Sarah Michelle Gellar? Here she is, a total knockout at the TIFF premiere tonight, and in person she is just as lovely. Quite little…maybe, just barely, 5 ft 2…beautiful skin, thin but not gross, when I saw her at the Premiere Lounge she was wearing a white dress, with a black band high across the waist, and a cute leather cropped jacket. She’s guarded but pretty friendly and, as you would expect, always flanked by her publicist. She was also attitude-free and adorable, she told me her feet were hurting, and she was polite and patient when fans and admirers came up at the most inopportune times, unlike her OC counterpart whose raging bitch is just a shade less sharp than the Alba Demon and that prick Heath Ledger who just might win the TIFF Award for Worst Asshole. Not wanting pappies taking photos of your family is one thing, walking around town hating your job and getting disgruntled about having to promote your movie is another matter entirely. Suck it up sister. You’re an actor…would it kill you to pretend once in a while???