I know there’s a huge teenybop following – I can respect that. I can see the quirky, geeky god appeal, the skinny lanky kid with a smart mouth and great personality and very good bone structure. Intellectually I understand. Loiningly though? Seriously…he looks like he’s 10 years old. Shopping on Main Street, a huge crowd gathered around the store, when he came out I swear, several girls just about lost their sh-t, and a few grandmas too… WTF??? Anyway, Adam is indeed long and youthful, a great face, a wonderful nose, but sooooo skinny. They are ALL skinny but he is SKINNY, like no ass skinny, like space between his legs skinny…again, like a 10 year old skinny. Now if this rocks your headboard, more power to you. Me on the other hand? I’d rather make him a sandwich and drive him to school. As for his behaviour - unremarkable. No whispers about flirtation, nothing of the sort, and no Kiki in sight...which means you Brody/Bilson fans can keep the flame alive. Source