Do they deserve privacy when they conveniently parade their personal lives to their advantage? Conveniently when there’s a movie to promote or a tv show to premiere?

Some do it better than others. Bet your boob job Harvey Weinstein gave Hayden Christensen the order – bring your girlfriend to the premiere. Otherwise, why would a couple usually so undercover go out of their way to confirm their relationship on the red carpet? They may not have walked together or even posed together but Rachel Bilson’s appearance served one purpose – the move has Harvey’s footprint all over it.

And why not? Rachel Bilson is soooo pretty. Pretty from head to toe…love, love, love. Although her efforts will likely be in vain. The film is projected to bomb.

As for Hayden – well first of all he looks awkward. Second… a bit of a glassy eye situation here, non? If you’ve been checking the site every day, this probably doesn’t surprise you.

Am told he was exceedingly uncomfortable at times inside perhaps explained by the fact that he and Harvey are barely speaking to each other and some say their relationship was permanently strained when Hayden refused to promote Factory Girl.

But back to Rachel...

Showmance or romance? I say both. I"m telling you...he"s not gay. Trust.

photos from WENN