Rachel Bilson > Mischa Barton.

Though to be fair, Rachel Bilson’s schedule hasn’t exactly been back to back either. But at least she was in a recent hit movie, and isn’t so stupid to turn down guest starring stints on TV shows. And since the end of The OC she’s looked better and better.

Marissa Cooper on the other hand…Marissa Cooper peaked in season 1. It’s been downhill ever since. Mischa Barton’s career now consists of elbow vaginas, calling photogs to pap her on the beach, and begging Us Weekly to write about her hair colour changes.

Needless to say, Rachel Bilson has the upper hand.

Here’s Mischa looking like sh-t last night with her boyfriend.

Here’s Rachel looking natural and fresh and gorgeous the other day in LA. Gah! Those flats! I agonised over those flats at Sigerson Morrison in LA 3 weeks ago. In black and white. Amazing. But $500. $500 that I had already earmarked for a Herve Leger at Milk down the street that I didn’t end up buying because it was an ovulation day! Then it was too late because the store was closed! Gah! Gah! Always buy shoes on an ovulation day! F8cking Mischa Barton.

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Mischa pics from Splashnewsonline.com