Is there such thing as fashion plagiarism?

Rachel Bilson signed a deal with DKNY Jeans to design a capsule collection called Edie Rose. She was at a Macy’s in Florida on Sunday to promote the line, her cute little face under a cute little hat, with a cute little tie tied around her neck.


Not so original.

More like blatant rip-off, actually.

Take a look – Rachel wearing a green dress from Sretsis a while back. And then…

Rachel’s own “creation”: what appears to be virtually the SAME dress in yellow only with no studs around the neck which is, like, totally the lame sh-ts.


Being stylish is one thing, designing clothes is entirely another. Copying clothes is socially criminal.

As Karl would say – copying clothes is so demode.

Bilson needs a beating with his bitch beating fan.

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