Can’t remember the last time I wrote about either of them. Was just talking about Hayden Christensen the other day. It’s been a long time. And that’s probably smart. Like a reset. Go away for a while – he could afford it with the Star Wars money – and let people forget. That way the reintroduction, when he hits his next role (apparently he’s playing Marco Polo), will feel that much more fresh, less chance for the audience to carry his past roles into his new ones. I wonder though if he’s not better on television. Because, well, in film, Hayden’s peers are Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Hardy.

As for Rachel, Hart Of Dixie was cancelled earlier this year after four seasons. I don’t really worry about her though. I feel like Rachel will always be able to work on television. Duana wrote about Peter Krause the other day, how he built his career in television, how his television reputation ensures people will always want to build a show around him and while I’m not saying Rachel is on that level, I do believe that she won’t have a hard time being on a list of go-to television actors, if she isn’t already. Rachel Bilson is reliably consistent, right down to the way she looks. She has not changed in a decade.

And now they’re both sharing on social media. Making moves. 



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