It’s shaping up to be a Sit DOWN kind of day.

This item just appeared on Apparently Rachel Bilson is launching a new home line? Like place settings and teapots.

Remember when Rachel Bilson tried to design clothes and ended up plagiarising someone else? Click here for a refresher. Please do. Because when you compare those two dresses, it’s about as flagrant of a theft as it gets. In other words, “Edie Rose Home by Rachel Bilson” will probably look a LOT like Liberty print from London.

Who are the people dumbass enough to invest in a line of home furnishings from Rachel Bilson? Is Rachel Bilson a recognisable name? To those who don’t hit the gossip blogs every day, can Rachel Bilson sell…anything?

She has a movie that’s coming out, or out, called Waiting For Forever that was on the shelf for almost two years before a weak release because, guess what?, no one’s paying to see Rachel Bilson headline a movie. Or a tv show, for that matter.

So if she’s an actor, and she can’t even get sh-t off the ground in her OWN PROFESSION, how is that supposed to happen for her by branching out into your dining room? This is my point about Nicole Richie. Nicole Richie can actually sell things. She might not have deserved her start, but once she made her name, she actually moved her product off the shelves. Rachel Bilson hasn’t had a win in a long time, maybe ever, on her own.


But she goes shopping every day and wears nice booties. She is totally qualified to tell you about your dinner party.

There’s a disconnect, you see, between how they see themselves, and how they are actually seen. The self-valuation, it’s totally inflated. In fact, you know what it’s like? It’s the celebrity version of the financial crisis in 2008. They knowingly gave Triple A ratings to the worst CDOs, sold them to investors, and BANKED on them failing. Rachel Bilson is the bad CDO. And we are the consumers they hope to chump into paying for her sh-t. If she had any modesty at all, any sense of shame, this wouldn’t even be a discussion. Rachel Bilson thinks she deserves to have a piece of your paycheque.

Send her a note. Tell her to Sit DOWN.

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