Are you watching My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Unlike Mr. Robot, that one is still underground, even after last night’s win. It hasn’t taken over the conversation so you have time, and it is great. You want to be watching this show, to marvel that they can DO THAT on TV and have it be great and watchable and, as Rachel Bloom pointed out, actually seen by the world.

I’m not sure how her speech will have gone over, though. There’s earnest and excited, and then there’s telling everyone that you were rejected from six networks in one day. Not that there’s anything wrong with the truth of that. I am a big fan of pointing out the places where things looked dark, and of explaining that you only need one ‘yes’. 

But it seemed, somehow, churlish not to talk about what made the show great and why she loved it instead of all the reasons it nearly wasn’t. I know the :29 speech time isn’t helping, but you want to make people want to see you.

That’s where the comparison to Gina Rodriguez is inevitable. Remember her speech, last year? Perfectly timed, with heart and emotion but with a clear sentiment, too. “I can and I will.” The ‘CW Newcomer’ spot may be a time to prove whether or not they want to see you subsequent years, and Rodriguez is here, but now Bloom has to ride this win so people actually see the show and follow in Gina’s footsteps. 

I was not excited about Bloom’s dress, though the specific green, which can be hard to nail, was good. Gina’s looks as though it’s not going to be that exciting, at first – a navy ballgown – but then you realize the structural details, like those wings down from the boobs, and the pockets, make it a little more unusual. Still, I’d like her to do more. Try MORE. I don’t know when the next at-bat is, but let’s take these dresses out of the box.