Rachel McAdams wore a strapless, dusty rose Calvin Klein dress to the MET Gala and…I’m asleep. Sorry. I do love her. She’s a darling, a Canadian darling. But you can’t tell me this is a standout. You can’t tell me you’re still thinking about it. You stopped thinking about it half a second after you saw it. Oh my God, I am SO bored. 

Cut to Sarah Silverman who is now dating Michael Sheen, Rachel’s ex-boyfriend. Serious ex-boyfriend. Sarah was chosen as one of the Zac Posens. And we talked in the article previous to this one about how Zac Posen delivered the BIG at this year’s MET Gala. It’s a lot more interesting, non?

Sarah and Michael are at that stage in their relationship where they’re apparently all over each other all the time. I get emails about people who’ve sighted them every few days or so and it’s always the same: “I saw Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen making out at XYZ, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other!” I wonder if Rachel had to deal with that last night and alone? Didn’t see her boyfriend Patrick Sambrook with her but they were kissing each other in Toronto last week – click here if you missed that post yesterday.